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This is a 5 week course designed to help you tap into your spiritual abilities, teaching you safe guidance on how to protect your energy, enhance or tap into your spiritual abilities, tools on reprogramming limited belief systems from your subconscious mind, how to channel energy & who to pray to. Shadow aspects of oneself and how to explore them safely and bring them to light to heal. Spiritual protection if you get visits from spirit that is out of your control and how to manage this so you control 99% of the visits, learning how to open and close your channel safely. You will receive: Week 1 - Online Healing Session, Chakra Clearing & Grounding with the Archangels. Unblocking & Releasing Week 2 - Spiritual Protection & The Divine Realms Week 3 - Connecting with our Higher Self Week 4 - Connecting with Spirit Week 5 - Divination Tools & Crystal Griding At the end of this course when you finish you will receive a Spiritual Gift Box Valued over $150 with all the tools that I use when doing Spiritual work & Psychic Readings. This course is limited to 11 people per Course, this is set up for weekly for every Sunday at 2pm - 4pm we will all connect in on an online Zoom meeting where I will hold space for us and take us through each weeks studies. If you have been wanting to expand your spiritual knowledge, learn safe ways to protect yourself, Tiana as your mentor to help you through your spiritual awakening, learning how to hold divine space and heal within, learning how to connect with spirit, learning about crystals and how to use them plus more and for more information contact Book Online The House of Healing NZ Spiritual Course NZ$666 Tiana Koroi

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