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The House of Healing NZ Spiritual Course

4 week course

This is a 4 week course designed to help you tap into your spiritual abilities, teaching you safe guidance on how to protect your energy, enhance or tap into your spiritual abilities, tools on reprogramming limited belief systems from your subconscious mind, how to channel energy & who to pray to. Shadow aspects of oneself and how to explore them safely and bring them to light to heal. Spiritual protection if you get visits from spirit that is out of your control and how to manage this so you control 99% of the visits, learning how to open and close your channel safely. You will receive: Week 1 - Online Healing Session, Chakra Clearing & Grounding with the Archangels. Unblocking & Releasing Week 2 - Spiritual Protection & The Divine Realms Week 3 - Connecting with our Higher Self Week 4 - Connecting with Spirit & Divination Tools & Crystal Griding This is a 4 week course set up for you to work through weekly in your own time, If you have been wanting to expand your spiritual knowledge, learn safe ways to protect yourself, you will learn how to guide yourself through your spiritual awakening, learning how to hold divine space and heal within, learning how to connect with spirit, learning about crystals and how to use them plus more and for more information contact

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The House of Healing NZ Spiritual Course

Student Experience Review

We are currently in week 3 on the House of Healing NZ Spiritual School. I have already learned so much from Tiana. What I love about this workshop is that you get time throughout the week to go over course content. Each lesson we touch on we go deep into it. Tiana ensures we have a deep understanding on things before we move forward and I absolutely love that! I have been drawn to this workshop as soon as I heard about it! Before this time, my gifts were out of control. I never had any family or friends to guide me on what I had been experiencing so I didn't really know what was going on. Tiana helped me through this. I have learned the best protection, which is so important to me. Things have become a whole lot more clear. Thank you girl for all your mahi. I am so grateful to be guided here and learn from you.

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The House of Healing NZ Spiritual School

  • Bonus

    Tiana will be your Mentor through out your whole spiritual journey your welcome to message her when you need to seek guidance!

  • Bonus

    Tiana has created a 4 week course for you to ensure you receive the best knowledge and wisdom according to your gifts and past experiences you need help with, The purpose is to help you understand yourself on a deeper and higher level.

1:1 Spiritual Awakening Course

4 weeks with Tiana Weekly Lessons Set Weekly Catch ups via Zoom + More

Whether you need deep spiritual lessons or light spiritual lessons, Tiana will create a 4 week plan with you to ensure you receive the best knowledge and wisdom according to your gifts and past experiences you need help with, The purpose is to help you understand yourself on a deeper and higher level. Guided by God and her Spirit Guides, Tiana will channel through the guidance and lessons to ensure you level up and evolve in your spiritual journey. Tiana is an experienced mentor ready to create space to help you light your way. If you would like private lessons with Tiana which will be held online via zoom where you will be learning how to embrace your spirituality and your god given gifts and all the things that come with it. Tiana experienced from a young different levels of spiritual experiences both good and bad and visits from spirit, psychic attacks and learning how to break free from them with the protection from God and the Archangels. Making connections with the Archangels from a young age Tiana learnt from them &Spirit throughout life how to protect and free yourself from sleep paralysis, learning about dream time and how to channel healing and protection, learning how to ground yourself to the divine source Mother Earth. Learning how to heal from past traumas and past pain thats causing repetitive lessons and experiences in your life, learning how to shift blockages and paradigms, how to channel and give psychic readings safely learning how to open your channel being surrounded with love and light and how to safely close your channel so that you don't get uninvited visits from spirit which differs between people. How to do house blessings, how to channel in Archangels and Guardian Angels to do house and land clearings. Divination tools and how to use them to help assist your spiritual work and healings. If you want to heal yourself through healing with crystals and unblock your chakras plus so much more. If you are interested in investing in yourself and to awaken within by reclaiming your own inner power, get in touch with Tiana today to create a payment plan that works for you. You will receive: Week 1 - Intuitive Energy Healing to unblock your chakras, clear stagnant energy from within and around you. - 30 minute video call reading to pin point what you need to focus on healing and shifting, we will create a plan for you to action. - Channeled Affirmations to help raise your spiritual frequency. PLUS MORE


Key Tip: To Ensure you get the most out of this course stick to the Chapter you have been set for each day and make sure you read through your course material multiple times and practice the exercises set out for you to really understand everything.

  • Daily Prayers to release any worries and burdens .

  • Write a Gratitude List every day of 5 things make them different each day to attract more positivity and abundance into your life path.

  • Stick to your daily teachings set out for you and if you have any questions make sure to message Tiana via email


About The House of Healing NZ Spiritual Course

  • I really want to join but what payment plan options do you have?

    We have 2 payment plan options available to ensure everyone can get access to The House of Healing NZ Spiritual School Courses, here a few for examples for the : a 4 week and 8 week payment plan: Plan 8 week payment plan Duration 8 weeks Sessions 8 Billed weekly for 8 weeks NZ$124.88 Plan 4 Week Payment Plan Duration 4 weeks Sessions 4 Billed weekly for 4 weeks NZ$249.76

  • Can you join if you don't have spiritual gifts?

    Everyone has some type of spiritual gift/ability that you can strengthen and open, some people have multiple spiritual gifts and the more you learn about spirituality, energy and your purpose here you will find yours. This course also have so many other benefits like how to maintain your energy, spiritual protection ect..