Course Curriculum

The House of Healing NZ Spiritual School

    1. Week 1 - Grounding & Releasing

    2. Unblocking Chakras & Releasing Stagnant Energy

    3. Grounding - How our energy works, effects & Earthing

    4. The Archangels - Unblocking & Releasing

    5. Pin pointing your blockages - Please email your answers through to

    6. Managing & Maintaining Energy, Emotions & Feelings

    7. Guided Releasing Ceremony Video With Tiana

    1. Week 2 - Spiritual Protection & The Divine Realms

    2. Spiritual Protection & The Divine Realms

    3. Connecting To The Divine Realms & Your Loves Ones Passed Over In Heaven - Thursday

    4. Connecting To Your Higher Self

    5. House & Land Clearings & Blessings

    1. Week 3 - Connecting & Learning About Our Higher Self

    2. What is Your Higher Self & Preparing Space To Connect To Your Higher Self

    3. Understanding & Creating Self Awareness for Spiritual Growth In Connecting With The Higher Self

    4. Self Awareness & Spiritual Growth Quiz - Please email your answers through to

    5. Detoxing for Higher Consciousness, Spiritual Fasting

    6. Spiritual Herbs for Activating Higher Consciousness, Awakening, Intuition and Deep Healing

    7. Psychic Experiences, Your Higher Self & Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind

    1. Week 4 - Connecting With Spirit

    2. Griding Your Space, Protection When Connecting With Spirit & The Divine Realms

    3. The Pineal Glad & Its Connection To Your Psychic Abilities & Connecting You To Spirit

    4. Find Your Spiritual Gifts & Learning All About Spiritual Gifts & What They Each Entail

    5. How To Connect & Meet Your Spirit Guides & Your Spiritual Community!

    6. Connecting To The Divine Realms & Spirit - Progress Survey and please email your nswers through to Tiana

    1. Week 4 - Awakening Spiritually & Your Spiritual Gifts & Purpose

    2. Strengthening Your Connection To Your Guardian Angels & The Divine Universal Source

    3. Understanding How to Move and Manipulate & Channel Energy

    4. Spiritual Progress Week 5 Survey, please email your answers to Tiana

    5. Learning To Listen To Your Messages & Intuition

    6. Manifestation & The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity & Perpetual Transmutation

    7. Manifestation Talk & Guided Manifestation Ceremony

    8. Believing In Yourself & Stepping Into Your Path/Purpose

    9. Course Completion - Certificate & Graduation!

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About The House of Healing NZ Spiritual Course

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Course Review

Renee Amopiu

Hello everyone. I’m currently on the first intake and coming up to my fourth week next week. I’m absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to gain clarit...

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Hello everyone. I’m currently on the first intake and coming up to my fourth week next week. I’m absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to gain clarity and wisdom. The course content is so informative, the assignments are exactly straight forward and each day is broken down. It is absolutely worth it. I’m grateful for the experience and the wisdom I’ve gained to make the necessary positive changes within my journey. If you are looking to delve in a lot deeper, I honestly would recommend that you sign up if need assistance with releasing old ways, past energetic cords, trauma or anything else related to your spirituality. Namaste Renee

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Student Experience Review

We are currently in week 3 on the House of Healing NZ Spiritual School. I have already learned so much from Tiana. What I love about this workshop is that you get time throughout the week to go over course content. Each lesson we touch on we go deep into it. Tiana ensures we have a deep understanding on things before we move forward and I absolutely love that! I have been drawn to this workshop as soon as I heard about it! Before this time, my gifts were out of control. I never had any family or friends to guide me on what I had been experiencing so I didn't really know what was going on. Tiana helped me through this. I have learned the best protection, which is so important to me. Things have become a whole lot more clear. Thank you girl for all your mahi. I am so grateful to be guided here and learn from you.


Spiritual Mentor Tiana Koroi

Psychic Medium & All the Clairs. Intuitive Healer Light Worker Beauty, Body & Spa Therapist

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